Thursday April 23, 2015

Rino Rick Says Roads are His Priority?

Image result for rick snyder    Governor says he’s not thinking about running for President but fixing Michigan roads, then why hasn’t he fixed them in four years and/or supported previous legislation to do so? Click Here for Story

Taylor School District Refuses to Inform Teachers They Don’t Have to Financially Support the Union

The Taylor School District has defied an order from the Michigan Employment Relations Commission that schools post a notice stating that teachers are no longer obligated to financially support the union as a condition of employment.  … more

Will Poll Hurt Legislation Aiming to Give Energy Utilities Monopoly?

Efforts to return the state’s two major electric utilities, Consumers Energy and Detroit Edison, to virtual monopoly status appear to have run headlong into an obstacle. It is a poll that found nearly 3 out of 4 people are against it. … more

Clinton Cronyism

Photo - Republicans who want to beat Hillary Clinton in 2016 need to focus on a simple phrase: It's the cronyism, stupid. (AP Photo)   2016 election will be about one thing for Hillary? Click Here for Details

Presidential Disgrace

Image result for obama ignores    Even the left abhors Obama’s silence on treatment of Christians in the Middle East Click Here for Story

Legalize Murder, or A Modest Proposal

By Michael Goodell

The headline in this morning’s Detroit Free Press wondered “Could pot solve our budget problems?” The article promoted three groups attempting to legalize marijuana in the state of Michigan. Surprisingly, or as the article put it, “In a sign of changing political times,” two of the three    Click Here for More


The Poison of Dirty Harry

Retiring Senator Harry Reid poisoned Washington with his performance as Senator and Leader Click Here for Details and Video

Look Whose Welcome at the White House

White House   If you’re anti-Israeli you’re in Click Here for Story

Losing Support

Image result for hillary clinton    Are scandals taking their toll on Hillary already? Click Here for Details

In Carly?

Image result for carly fiorina     May 4th date for Fiorina 2016 bid announcement? Click Here for Story

More Corruption Under Obama

Labor Dept not reporting thousands of dollars spent on conferences Click Here for Story

Stop Immigration?

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????   Polls show American opposition to immigration is at an all time high Click Here for Details

The Stupidity of US Relations in the Middle East

07 iran military 0420     Obama’s bad choices gives Iran the upper hand Click Here for Story

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