Friday April 24, 2015

Ann Arbor School Bond

What will $33 Million buy taxpayers Click Here for Details

Poll: Just 1 in 3 Know Wind Energy Depends on Fossil Fuels

Only 35 percent of voters know about wind-energy’s dependence on fossil fuels, according to a poll recently commissioned by Mackinac Center for Public Policy. … more

GOP Ok’s Attorney General

Ron Sachs/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images  Despite her belief that Obama’s Executive Amnesty is Constitutional? Click Here for Story

Clinton Cronyism Continues

Contracts for donations? Click Here for Details

China Worried About North Korea?

Image result for north korean nukes   Nuke problems concern China Click Here for Story

Russia Buying Control of US Uranium?

  Did Hillary Clinton allow Russia to take control of US uranium business? Click Here for Details

US Traitor Killed in Drone Strike

Image result for drone strike kills american traitor   But two hostages also killed Click Here Details

Yemen Excuses?

Image result for shepard smith   Watch Shep Smith react to WH Yemeni Crisis Click Here for Story and Video

Phony Hillary

Image result for hillary clinton liar  How many accents can Hillary use? Click Here for Details

Gold Diggers?

Michael brown’s family looks to cash in on his death Click Here for Story


AP  Anti-Fracking activists writing studies to stop fracking Click Here for Details





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