Friday May 1, 2015

 A2 School Decision May End Up in Lawsuit?

Prevent CPL holders from carrying could have consequences Click Here for Details

Auto Insurance Reforms a Good Start

With Senate Bill 248 the Michigan Legislature is attempting to address a number of problems with the auto insurance market in the state. … more

GOP to End Sequestration?

The only measure that has slowed spending is to end? Click Here for Details and Video

Did Freddie Gray Injure Himself?

Fellow prisoner says Gray was trying to hurt himself in the paddy wagon Click Here for Story


  Why is Bernie Sanders bothering to announce a bid for 2016? Click Here for Details

Did Kerry ?

AP  Iranian news  states John Kerry said “He wished the US had a leader like Iran” ? Click Here for Story

No Line Necessary?

jeb bush  Jeb Bush wants to give 11 million illegals the right to stay Click Here for Details

The Emperor’s Tea

    Don’t interrupt the President’s tea time? Click Here for Details

White House Won’t Call Out Hillary

Every thing is OK if done the Hillary Way? Click Here for Story

Putin Super Soldiers

It may not be science fiction Click Here for Details

Iran vs Saudi Arabia?

  Things not cooling down between Mid East powers Click Here for Story

From the Science Side…

Scientists find how cells age? Click Here for Details


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