Friday May 8, 2015

Should Insurance Cover A2 Schools Gun Issues?

Lets see what the insurance company says about responsibility Click Here for Details

Prop 1 Unpopularity to Voters was Unprecedented

Proposal 1 may go down as one of the most unpopular constitutional amendments in the history of the state. … more

Michigan Legislature Can Pursue Free-Market Agenda

The 2015-16 session of the Michigan Legislature is underway, and like a new baseball season anticipation and hope are in the air.  … more

Big Media Doesn’t Believe in Free Speech?

Photo - The New York Times editorial board is greeting this weekend's armed defense of a free-speech event in Garland, Texas, against an attack by gun-firing Islamic terrorists with a small amount of relief and a big barrage of criticism aimed at the cartoonists who provoked the would-be murderers with "hate speech." (AP Photo)  New York Times sides with Muslims over American Free Speech Click Here for Details

Still Think Its the Religion of Peace?

Fox NewsImam threatens Pamela Geller with Death Click Here for Story and Video

Dems Think Trade Pact is Bad?

  Dem party divided Click Here for Story


baltimore cops charged  Attorney General may have big problems from her sloppy investigation and charges against police Click Here for Details


Al Qaeda leader who claimed responsibility for Charlie Hebdo attack killed in airstrike Click Here for Story

Here They Come

A man fishes along the Rio Grande on the Mexico side of the river across from Anzalduas park south of Mission, Texas, on 30 April.  Southern border prepares for another immigrant surge Click Here for Details

Not Right

More rights for Gitmo terrorists than Baltimore cops Click Here for Story and Video

Bad Priorities?

Brady Hillary  Media investigates Tom Brady more than Hillary Clinton? Click Here for Details

Phone Data Collection Not Constitutional?

AFP Photo/Paul J. Richards  Appeals court says NSA can’t collect phone data? Click Here for Story

No Should Mean No!

an employee at the Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga, Tenn., works on a Passat sedan  NLRB forcing a fifth vote on workers who booted their union Click Here for Details


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