Tuesday June 9, 2015

Call your Senators and  Congressman and tell them not to support Obama Trade Click Here for Contact info

Sen. Gary Peters Wants Higher Minimum Wage — Except for His Unpaid Interns

U.S. Sen Gary Peters, D-Michigan, is a strong proponent of increasing the minimum wage. That stance doesn’t apply regarding those who work for him. … more

Tying Teacher Evaluations to Student Achievement Would Be Major Reform

The top priority with teacher evaluations should be that school officials actually distinguish among a district’s best and worst teachers using student academic performance, and that teacher hiring and layoff decisions be based on keeping the best teachers in the classroom. … more

More Hillary Cover Up

Photo - In one instance, all mention of an alleged high-level cover-up of misconduct from Hillary Clinton's security team while on official travel was cut from the published report. (AP Photo)    State Dept officials edited reports to help Hillary Click Here for Details

Ahh Fracking Gets People Hot

Image source: Fox Business Network   Interview ends when anti-fracking activist calls Stuart Varney a Liar Click Here for Story

Me No Likey SCOTUS

  Obama frustrated by courts moves on Obamacare Click Here for Details

Paying for Endorsements?

Hillary Rodham Clinton  Hillary donated to news groups charity fund before endorsement Click Here for Story

TB Scare

Woman brings resistant strain of TB into the US Click Here for Details

Bad Republicans

Freshman Congresswoman admits she hasn’t read the trade agreement she’s pushing for Obama Click Here for Story

Under Attack

Reuters / Ina Fassbender   Now US  Army website gets hacked Click Here for Details

Federal Stupidity

Image: IG Report: TSA Approved 73 Airport Employees Flagged for Terrorism  TSA approves airport employees who have been flagged for terrorism Click Here for Story

Job Loss: to Robots

darpa robots  Your competition may not be immigrants Click Here for Details

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