Thursday June 11, 2015

Team Player

Pinckney Superintendent takes paycut Click Here for Story

Ruling Upholds the Right of Public Employees to Resign From Union Whenever They Want

The Michigan Employment Relations Commission stated that government and public school employees have the legal right to resign from a union whenever they choose to do so. … more

House Road Plan Secures Road Funding

House Bill 4605 would earmark $192 million of state income tax revenue next year to roads and ramp up to $717 million in 2019. The bill places these dollar amounts in statute, meaning that money will go to the roads regardless of whether income tax revenues increase or decrease.  … more

Half a Lick

Photo - House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, R-Wis., said in a letter to Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, that he plans to include immigration language in one of the four trade provisions scheduled for a Friday vote. (AP Photo)  GOP finally shows a sliver of common sense on Trade Deals Click Here for Details

From the Science Side…

Photo credit: Shutterstock Scientists inject “Cyborg” tissue into brain successfully Click Here for Story

Obama’s Secret Immigration Powers

1-130PZS325  New Trade Agreements will give Obama power to ruin America? Click Here for Story and Video

More Troops, No Plan

  Obama sending more troops back to Iraq after saying he has no plan Click Here for Details

Nuclear Jihad? Thanks Obama

US policy has allowed ISIS to gather nuclear material Click Here for Story

How Bad is the EPA?

Really Bad Click Here for Article 

Obama Trade Secrets?

Matt Boyle/Breitbart News  Even the list of who has read it is locked up Click Here for Details

Hackers Cooperating

AP  Multiple hacker groups are gathering for attacks on US Click Here for Story

We Fund This?

UN Peacekeepers sexually abused women in Haiti? Click Here for Story

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