Friday June 26, 2015

BREAKING: Congress Proposes SCOTUS Live Under Obamacare

Anger in Congress over SCOTUS Obamacare ruling could have consequences Click Here for Details and Video

DUI Has Additional Costs

Drunk Driving convictions can get you banned from Canada Click Here for Story

Michigan Has Third Largest GDP Growth Since Recession

Michigan has achieved another economic milestone on the road to establishing a reputation as the comeback state. From 2009 to 2014, the state experienced the third-highest percentage increase in state gross domestic product (GDP).  … more

The Real-World Costs of Union Release Time

The Michigan Senate is considering a bill that would prevent union “release time” in most settings. There is a real-world cost to this practice, which allows union stewards to spend time working for a private entity when they are supposed to be working for taxpayers. … more

SCOTUS’ s Roberts Gone Liberal

Photo - Demonstrators rally outside the Supreme Court in Washington, as the court heard arguments in the King v. Burwell case, which questions the legality of subsidies for health insurance plans sold through federal exchanges. (Graeme Jennings/Examiner)  Supreme Court upholds Obamacare and gives itself legislative powers in the process? Click Here for Details

Has Supreme Court  Brought the US to Its End?

Judge Napolitano unleashes on Justice Roberts Click Here for Story and Video

Obamatrade = Chinese Jobs?

China goes to White House just as Obamatrade passes Click Here for Details

IRS Destroyed Email Backups

  Why aren’t people going to prison? Click Here for Details

Obama’s Secret Directives

AP OBAMA HOSTAGES RANSOM A USA DC  30th Presidential Policy Directive (PPD) is released what were the previous 29? Click Here for Details

Amnesty for Illegals…In Prison

Agents ordered to ignore illegal immigrants in prison Click Here for Story and Video

Federal Nazis

 Federal Subpoenas issued to get internet commentors information Click Here for Details

Immigration Floodgates Will Open

  DHS will release families with children who came here illegally now watch what ahppens at the border Click Here for Story

Conservative Push Back?

mark meadows Conservative Congressman gets his committee chairmanship back from establishment GOP Click Here for Details

Liberals Helping Sharia

Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) issues Hit List of American women who fight Sharia Law Click Here for Story

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