Monday July 20, 2015

The Political Game in A2?

A2 Mayor endorsing opponents of incumbent council members Click Here for Details

Dems Turning on Obama

 Obama taking Iran deal to UN before Congress’ approval angering Democrats Click Here for Story

Shark Attack on Video

Image source: YouTube   Australian surfer battles shark at competition Click Here for Details

Fear Monger in Chief

Obama using scare tactics to drum up support for Iran deal Click Here for Story

Obama’s Fundamental Transformation

Dividing America by race is destroying America Click Here for Details

The Academic Complex

Student loans are part of the academic government scam to fleece America? Click Here for Details

ISIS in Europe?

An entrance to the Bosnian village of Gornja Maoca Has ISIS bought a training camp in the heart of Europe? Click Here for Story

 Cruz is the GOP Answer?

Can Ted Crus fill all conservative needs? Click Here for Details

This Is ISIS

New lows even for Islamic State Click Here for Story

Clinton Fraud?

Claudio Osorio and Bill Clinton (screenshot of CNBC program American Greed)  Yet another scandal for the Clinton Team? Click Here for Details

Muslim Immigration

Even the FBI can’t keep up Click Here for Story

Explain This Mr. President?

Why no informational calls ? Click Here for Details


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