Thursday July 30, 2015

A2 Arms Has New Home

Ann Arbor Arms has home at new bigger facility Click Here for Details

Grand Rapids’ Mayoral Candidates Spar Over City’s Financial Health

On August 4 Grand Rapids city voters will elect a new mayor. But they’ll first have to make sense of widely divergent claims about the city’s fiscal health made by two of the four candidates. … more

Teachers Making Over $80,000 Say They Need Second Jobs ‘To Make Ends Meet’

One public school teacher who gets paid $87,349 annually, and another who gets $80,472, were highlighted in a recent Oakland Press article complaining that teachers had to get second jobs “to make ends meet.” … more

Too Politically Correct

  GOP tip toes on Planned Parenthood funding despite the scandal Click Here for Details

Planned Parenthood Will Sue the Media?

Image source: Mario Tama/Getty Images    Will Planned Parenthood try to stop airing of videos through legal action Click Here for Story

Ousting Boehner

   GOP member looks to get rid of Boehner from leadership Click Here for Story

Enemy Through the Open Gates

suruc_camp_2014.jpg  Flood of Syrian refugees into the US could be huge security issue Click Here for Details

Thanks John

  Secretary Kerry admits Israelis and Americans could die by Iranian actions with lifting of sanction Click Here for Story and Video

Should He Stay or Should He Go?

Drew Angerer/Getty Images Boehner could risk embarrassment on vote for his leadership Click Here for Details

Guilt Veto?

© Mike Segar  Russia Vetoes Flight MH-17 Tribunal Resolution in the UN Click Here for Story and Video

Your Money … Their Waste

See how the Department of Homeland Security wastes your money on failing drone programs Click Here for Details







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