Saturday August 1, 2015

Voter Fraud

Yes, It’s Real Click Here for Story

Let Legislators Take a Vacation

Big issues like road funding aren’t hashed out by 148 state legislators; they’re negotiated by a handful of House and Senate leaders, usually working with the governor’s office.  … more

Most Michigan School Districts Privatize Services

The Lansing School District is considering privatizing custodial services. In Michigan and around the country, privatizing custodial services has saved school districts money.  … more

Hillary Email Release Fail

State Dept does not meet court mandated amount of emails to be released Click Here for Story

Ted Cruz on the Iran Deal

Since when is speaking up against bad deals a bad thing? Click Here for Story and Audio

Don’t Believe Your Eyes

Pro-life activists call for the defunding of Planned Parenthood at a rally at the U.S. Capitol on July 28, 2015. (Cheryl Wetzstein/The Washington Times)  White House says Planned Parenthood video is fraudulent Click Here for Story

GOP Debate: How Will Fox Handle It

Lots of questions on format and who is included Click Here for Details and Video

What Obama Admin Doesn’t Want You to See

Image via   No Transparency on documents public should be able to see Click Here for Story

Telling You Want You Want to Hear

Image via  Even Iran says Obama Admin comments about deal aren’t true Click Here for Details and Video

More Americans Murdered By Illegals

Feds are not protecting citizens from illegal immigrant criminals Click Here for Story

Financier of Abortions

   Obama had Planned Parenthood President to the White House 39 times Click Here for Details

Democrats are Socialists?

  See DNC Chair try to tell the difference Click Here for Story and Video

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