Friday August 14, 2015

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Old Treaty to Stop New Nuclear Waste Storage?

The US may use a 100 year old treaty to try and prevent Canada from storing nuke waste near Lake Huron Click Here for Details

U-M Economist Forecasts Drop In School-Aged Children To Continue ‘At a Very Rapid Rate’

University of Michigan economist Don Grimes has bad news for K-12 school districts and colleges in the state: There will be fewer and fewer school-age children in the near future. … more

What the Olympics Can Teach Us About Subsidized Sports

The Olympics seem to live in perpetual jeopardy, plagued by financial mismanagement and corruption. In July, Boston withdrew its application to host the 2024 Summer Olympic Games, becoming the latest city to respond to citizen concerns and cold hard facts about sports entertainment and public investments. … more

Hillary’s Shell Game

Hands over a blank server to authorities Click Here for Details

Changing Population

Foreign born population hits new record in US Click Here for Story

Be Worried About China’s Monetary Actions

Chinese 100 Yuan notes are counted at a bank in Shanghai on April 11, 2008. China's central bank set the yuan at 6.992 against the USD, the first time the currency has broken through 7.000 since a peg with the US unit was scrapped nearly three years ago. This means the yuan has now risen about 18 percent against the USD since July 2005, when it was cut loose from a peg to the greenback. (MARK RALSTON/AFP/Getty Images)  This could be the start of something very bad Click Here for Story

The GOP Drop Outs

Who on the GOP Presidential list will drop before Iowa Click Here for Details

Jihad At Home

FBI investigating Jihad actions in all its US offices Click Here for Story

False and Misleading

Gina McCarthy  Even before the EPA’s mine spill Congressional committee calls EPA head’s comments misleading Click Here for Details

Planned Parenthood Controlling Black Population?

With Margaret Sanger as founder its easy to see why Planned Parenthood operates mostlly in black communities Click Here for Story and Video


Screenshot  John Kerry says re-negotiating the Iran deal would make the US untrustworthy? Click Here for Story and Video

This is Cuba’s Thank You?

Castro says the US owes Cuba billions Click Here for Details

Extra Terrestrial Help?

Did Aliens keep the cold war cold? Click Here for Story

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