Sunday September 6, 2015

Gift or Trojan Horse?

A2 Schools prep for International Baccalaureate program being inserted into school programming Click Here for Details

Every Judge Costs Michigan Taxpayers $450K

“Every judge costs taxpayers $450,000 annually,” says Sen. Rick Jones, R-Grand Ledge, who chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee. He is planning to introduce legislation this fall to save money by reducing the number of judges. … more

Renewables Just a Hood Ornament on Fossil Fuel Power System

The public remains mostly unaware of the degree to which the heavily subsidized or mandated renewable energy sources, including wind and solar, rely on fossil fuels.  … more

Dems Covering for Obama’s Iran Deal

D  emocrats siding for a weakened US and Stronger Iran Click Here for Details

Show of Weakness?

Iranian aircraft come way to close to US Aircraft carrier? Click Here for story and Video

It’s Tough Being the Nation’s Worst Democrat

  DNC leader getting pressure from own party for defending and covering for Hillary Click Here for Details

Invading Europe

ISIS fighters like these, 4,000 of them, are already in place in Western nations, a jihadist smuggler confirmed.  Refugee crisis allowing ISIS terrorists to walk right into Europe Click Here for Story

Trump Beating Hillary

Polls show Trump on top of Clinton Click Here for Details

Cold War is Back…in Syria

Russian building up forces in Syria as US watches Click Here for Story

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