Wednesday September 23, 2015

Scared of Growth?

A2 City Council still pondering residential building on Nixon Road Click Here for Story

Number of Public School Districts in Debt at Six-Year Low

 By TOM GANTERT | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

It didn’t attract much media attention, but the number of Michigan’s school districts that are in debt is at a six-year low after the Michigan Department of Education released a list of 36 schools that had exhausted their savings and were in deficit. … more

Carly So Wrong

Image result for carly fiorina  Says Carson was wrong for having an opinion that the Constitution and Sharia don’t mix Click Here for Details

Soft Jihad: You’ve Been Warned

'We’re Going to Be the Majority Soon'  New Jersey school board gets warning from Muslim parent Click Here for Details

Forget Them: Make Barack Work

Image result for pelosi and reid GOP wants to deal directly with Obama on budgets not Reid and Pelosi Click Here for Details and Video

Texas Being Targeted

Islamic activism running high in Texas Click Here for Story

Why Ben Carson is Right

Image via  51% of US Muslims want Sharia Law and 25% advocate violence against non-muslims Click Here for Story

FBI Implicated in Clinton Corruption?

Image result for fbi Federal Bureau of Investigation refusing to cooperate in Clinton email/server investigation Click Here for Details

Destroying Our Culture

US population rapidly soars to 42 Million immigrants Click Here for Story

The True Scoop on Iran Deal

  No IAEA present when Iran collects sample Click Here for Details

What Happened to Relations Reset with Russia

Image result for us nukes to germany   Gross mis-management by Obama and Hillary has the US sending updated nukes to Germany Click Here for Story

Amnesty for the Wrong People

Obama Admin giving amnesty to Yemenis? Click Here for Details

How Dare Ye?

Image result for joe biden  Clinton Campaign sending subtle “don’t run” messages to Biden Click Here for Story

Climate Jihadist

Image result for antarctic ice growing  Climate change scammers are asking for jail time for non-believers Click Here for Details

NO to Jobs

Clinton comes out against Keystone XL pipeline  Hillary against the Keystone Pipeline and thousands of union jobs Click Here for Story and Video



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