Monday September 28, 2015

Trolley Pub in A2

The Trolley Pub makes itss debut in Ann Arbor Click Here for Details

Next Speaker of the House?

Government According to the law the Speaker of the House does NOT have to be a sitting member of Congress Click Here for Details  Call your Congressman

US 23-M36 Ramp to Close

South bound exit ramp to M-36 will close for week Click Here for Story

Income Tax Cuts Could Pay A Hidden Dividend

Cutting Michigan’s personal income tax would provide a dividend that may often be overlooked. It would reduce the amount the state would owe on Michigan Economic Growth Authority tax credits. … more

War on The Family

Why is there a war against family in the US? Click Here for Story link contributed by Pgh Expat

Boehner Talks About False Conservative Prophets?

After failing to deliver conservative agenda outgoing Speaker wants to complain about the conservative base Click Here for Details

Don’t Believe What You See

Pelosi says Planned Parenthood videos are fake? Click Here for Story

Putin vs Obama

 Test of will sat UN? Click Here for Details

Re-Assess Your Welcome Mat?

Germany now having second thoughts to opening door to Muslim invasion Click Here for Details

Cruz Wins Straw Poll

 Another grassroots victory for Ted Cruz Click Here for Story

The Deal Boehner Said He Didn’t Make?

  Will work with Dems to fund Planned Parenthoods baby butchery Click Here for Details

Why Bush is Out of Step

Believes Boehner was great? Click Here for Story

Investigating The Doctored Intel Reports

Islamic State militants  Investigation is launched on who doctored intel reports on ISIS campaign Click Here for Details

And Still More Hillary Emails

Judicial Watch: New State Department Documents Reveal Hillary Clinton Email Gap  The gift that keeps on giving Click Here for Story


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