Wednesday October 7, 2015

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Mammoth Origin?

Where did the Chelsea Mammoth come from? Click Here for Details

Even Compared to Workers With College Degrees, Teachers Are Well Paid

A newspaper article claimed teachers were paid lower than other workers with bachelor’s degrees. But the U.S. Census data doesn’t back up that claim. … more

Bucking Normal

Pundits don’t understand the attraction of Sanders and Trump Click Here for Details

The Last Days of Hillary?

How much will the loser spend this time? Click Here for Story link contributed by Pgh Expat

Calling It Like It Is

NBC News screengrab  Grandmother and gun shop owner speaks out against Obama and anti-gun crowd Click Here for Story

Obama’s Next Attack on the Military

AP Will veto new defense bill which helps millions of veterans and families Click Here for Details

Nihilist of Incompetent?

Photo via PJ Media  Really, what is Obama? Click Here for Story link contributed by Pgh Expat

Dems Look to Protect Clinton on Benghazi

Democrats up ante with Benghazi leak   Politics more important than truth Click Here for Details

Russia Takes ISIS Seriously

Members of the Spetsnaz (Russian special forces) trainSends elite forces in to deal with Muslim Terrorists Click Here for Story

The Uber Liberal Ticket

Biden floats Elizabeth Warren as VP Click Here for Details

Under Threat

LA cop stalked and video taped by gunman Click Here for Story

Will There be Blowback?

Sunni Muslims not happy with Russian offensive Click Here for Details

Black Church Rejects Clinton

Clinton not so popular among African Americans Click Here for Story

Secretary of Scams

   Kerry pushing his bogus Climate change by saying there are climate refugees Click Here for Details


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