Tuesday October 20, 2015

One Team’s Agony…

Analyzing the U of M lost Click Here for Details

Looming ‘Teacher Shortage’ Appears Largely Mythical

Many in academia are forecasting a teacher shortage in Michigan. But the numbers don’t back up that claim. Instead, there are thousands more certified to teach than are working. … more

Will Joe Run?

Decision expected in 48 hours Click Here for Details

Hillary Sent Classified Emails

 New email released by CIA shows Hillary guilty of sending classified emails Click Here for Story

Forfeiture: What Next?

When the police seize someone’s property or cash, it is held by the government. Depending on the crime that property is alleged to be involved with, a person has 20 or 28 days to file a claim to get it back. If they don’t do so, the assets are automatically forfeited to the government. But even if they do challenge it, they have to pay 10 percent of the value of the property (at least $250 and no more than $5,000) to the local unit of government. … more

Blaming the Right

441592  Now they call conservatives extremists? Click Here for Details link by Pgh Expat

Texas Dollars?

Photo credit: Shuttershock Has Texas prepared for the collapsse of the US Dollar? Click Here for Story

Kerry Pushing for Big Climate Endeavour

Climate scammers have a big hold on Secretary of State and the Obama White House Click Here for Details

US Supporting Iran

President Obama and other Western leaders have been duped into believing President Hassan Rouhani is moderate, MEK member Farzad Madadzadeh said. (Associated Press)Obama policies have helped the extremists in Iran Click Here for Story

Fences Work

Hungary closed its border and stopped the flow of migrants Click Here for Details

Trump Could Get Nomination

Even political pundits and GOP establishment is now seeing the possibility Click Here for Story

The Taxman

  Sanders wants much higher taxes on Americans Click Here for Details

Carter No Longer the Worst

Courtesy AP ImagesObama has set another record and precedent Click Here for Story link by Pgh Expat

Obama Pushing for Biden

Biden Buddy and Obama CSPAN  Won’t meet with Hillary and is allegedly backing a Biden Campaign Click Here for Story

Russia Re-Drawing the Battlefield

Russian Su-25 attack aircraft take off from the Khmeimim airbase in Syria. © Dmitriy Vinogradov Battle lines are shifting as result of Russian airstrikes Click Here for Details

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