Wednesday October 21, 2015

The Road Funding Dilemma

Why can’t the State cut some wasteful spending? Click Here for Details

Detroit Public Schools Debt Increases By $1 Million Every School Day

The debt load of the Detroit public school district increases by $1 million every school day, according to the co-chair of a coalition trying to help the financially troubled school district. … more

Benghazi Investigation Making Headway

State Dept delivers Ambassador Steven’s emails and documents Click Here for Story

Dirty Little Hillary Secrets

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks after receiving an endorsement from U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) September 5, 2015, in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. (Darren McCollester/Getty Images)  What the mainstream media is not talking about Click Here for Details

Stop the Crazy Immigration

GOP needs to stand up to save America or get out Click Here for Details link by Pgh Expat

Who IS Lying?

Biden contradicts Clinton's account of bin Laden raid decision  Biden accounts of Bin Laden Raid differ from Hillary’s Click Here for Story

Germany Invaded

People gather for an anti-immigration demonstration organised by PEGIDA in Dresden  Muslim refugees overwhelming Germany Click Here for Details

Switzerland Gets It

Anti-Immigration Party winds big in Swiss Election Click Here for Story

Underground Landfill Fire?

Landfill in Bridgeton, Mo.  Smoldering its way toward a nuclear waste dump Click Here for Story


20151020_JS_Luncheon_160.jpg  Dirty Dem Harry Reid endorses Paul Ryan for Speaker what else do you need to know? Click Here for Details

Democrats Want 100,000 Syrian Refugees

Even though they can’t be vetted Dem Senator Dick Durbin says open the doors Click Here for Story

More Senate Outrage Against US Citizens

Sen Toomey Sanc City Debate  Democrats Block Bill that Would Deport Criminal Illegal Immigrants Click Here for Details

Hillary’s War on Women

Hillary Clinton  Paid women less…by a lot Click Here for Story

Another Reason for Not Supporting Ryan

936760_10151572510233205_1645779459_nPaul Ryan Supports Illegals Above Citizens Click Here for Story and Video

Your Money …Their Waste

Government spends $300 million on stoves…for developing nations Click Here for Details

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