Saturday November 7, 2015


Ann Arbor Deer Kill is On

Council votes to hire sharpshooters Click Here for Details

If At First You Don’t Succeed, Sign and Sign Again

After discovering that its first shot at a petition drive had gone awry, the coalition seeking to repeal Michigan’s prevailing wage law is starting over. … more

ISIS Bombing of Plane Would be Game Changer

Will it bring Russia deeper into conflict? Click Here for Story

Trump Pulls One Over on the Press

Teaser for Saturday Night Live appearance shows how incapable of truth the media is Click Here for Details

Media Digs Deep into Carson Past

Ben Carson, 2016  Why didn’t they dig as deep on Obama? Click Here for Story

This is What’s Wrong with the GOP

House votes to reject an amendment that would block Iran from getting US taxdollars Click Here for Story and Video

Campus Stabber a Terrorist?

Beheadings in the name of Allah? Click Here for Details


US Military will force LAX flight patterns to change for secret operation Click Here for Story and Video

Obama Stops Keystone

  WH rejects thousands of US jobs Click Here for Details

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