Thursday November 19, 2015

Helping Our 4 Legged Veterans

War Dog Memorial needs assistance Click Here for Details

Money Rolling Into Lansing from State License Plate Tax

The amount of vehicle registration (license plate) tax the state collects from Michigan motorists each year is up 24 percent since 1990, even after factoring in inflation. … more

Do Not Assume Economic Development Spending is Effective

The problem is economic development spending is an ineffective way to grow the economy. Taking money from taxpayers to spend on the programs has an economic effect as well. … more

Not Fit for American Leadership

 Obama mad at Americans instead of our enemies Click Here for Details

ISIS Threatens New York

New ISIS propaganda video threatens New York City Click Here for Story and Video

They’re Here!

Border Patrol Agent on Border  8 Syrian refugees caught at Texas border Click Here for Details

Say It! Say It!

Image source: ABC NewsWhy won’t media understand Radical Islamic Terrorism? Click Here for Story

Obama Will Force Syrian Refugees on US

Yet one more reason to know that Obama hates America Click Here for Details

New Hampshire for Trump

 Donald expanding lead in New Hampshire polls Click Here for Story

Thin Skin

Image result for hillary angry Pathetic: Hillary Clinton goes after comedians for making fun of her Click Here for Details

Kerry Should Resign

  Secretary Kerry gives justification for terror attack on Charlie Hebdo Click Here for Story

Iran Feeling the Heat

Iranian fighters dying in Syria Click Here for Details

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