Saturday November 21, 2015

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First Snow Storm of Season

Ann Arbor area could get 3 to 6 inches Click Here for Details

Will Republicans Backtrack on Corporate Welfare Cuts?

A Michigan Radio article tries to make the case that Republicans have been opposed to tax credits. But this is hardly the case, whether in the early to mid-2000s or even more recently. … more

Working Hard

© Anonymous Official   Anonymous ripping ISIS media accounts to shreds Click Here for Story

And Another Muslim Extremist Attack

In this image made available by security personnel, right, attend close to the scene of an attack on a hotel in Bamako, Mali Friday Nov. 20, 2015. Men shouting "God is great" and armed with guns and throwing grenades stormed into the Radisson Blu Hotel in Mali's capital Friday morning. ( via AP)  Mali Hotel attacked by Islamic terrorists Click Here for Details

No Tolerance No Transparency?

IMG_2945.JPG  Black Lives Matter group denies reporters from their “safe space” Click Here for Details link by Pgh Expat

Senate Draws Line on Climate Deals?

Says they need to approve any deals by Obama Click Here for Details

Americans Not First Priority

Obama, Clinton and the Dems would rather apologize for America than protect it Click Here for Story and Video

Pilots Tell Truth

Syria air strike  Military pilots confirm Obama Admin is blocking 75% of their possible air strikes against ISIS Click Here for Details and Video

Outrageous Islamic Brainwashing?

Public school forces students to sing Islamic song Click Here for Story

France’s Silver Lining?

France sees army recruitment surge after Paris attacks Click Here for Details

Law Breaker in Chief

Obama shielding 80% of illegals from deportation Click Here for Story

Airship Comeback?

Lockheed Martin has been given the green light to build its radical hybrid airship that will launch in 2018. The US Federal Aviation Administration has this week approved a certification plan developed by the company. Pictured is an artist's impression  FAA gives clearance Click Here for Details

Making a Dent

© Vasily Botanov Russia claims it killed 600 ISIS terrorists with cruise missile attacks Click Here for Story


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