Saturday November 28, 2015

Breaking : Colorado Shooting

Updated at Friday 7:18 pm EST Gunman now in custody  Click Here for Details

To Avoid or Not Avoid ?

Livingston County’s Worst Intersections Click Here for Story

Former Energy Regulator Says Bills Would Establish Energy Monopoly

According to a former chairwoman of the panel that regulates electric utility prices in Michigan, if the current version of House Bill 4298 is enacted electric choice will cease to exist in the state.  … more

Got Humor?

  Anonymous hacks ISIS, posts Viagra Ads

Total Hypocrisy

(AP Photo/J Pat Carter)  Union fires hired protestors…for trying to unionize? Click Here for Details

Whose Side Are They On?

Worrying numbers of young Turks, including members of the youth wing of Erdogan’s AKP party, now support ISIS   Is Turkey helping ISIS? Click Here for Story

Did We Ignore The Right Conservative?

Buchanan  Looking at today’s problems Pat Buchanan was spot on Click Here for Details link by Pgh Expat

Miracle Mile Shut Down

Nation of Islam in Chicago (Lee Stranahan / Breitbart News) Protestors shut down Chicagos famous shopping district Click Here for Details

Black Eyed Friday

Fighting Over Shopping is becoming a regular holiday occurrence Click Here for Story


Worthless UN

United Nations has no idea whether Iran has worked on nukes Click Here for Details

Upping the Ante

Vladimir Putin  Russian moving more combat equipment into Syria Click Here for Story

More Stupid Spending from the Feds

DHS has an inept $1 Billion dollar bioterror system Click Here for Details

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