Sunday December 20, 2015

The Democrat Debate Hidden Again

If anyone watched they would have seen Bernie Apologize and Hillary try to defend her terrible Foreign policy record Click Here for Story

Help Wanted

Brighton City Manager position still unfilled Click Here for Details

Trusting the Feds on Vetting Immigrants?

You shouldn’t….Click Here for Story

TV Watcher in Chief

Photo published for The NYT Just Disappeared A Devastating Obama AdmissionObama said he didn’t watch enough cable tv to understand how impacted Americans were by San Bernadino attack and New York Times tries to cover it up Click Here for Details

Time for a Third Party?

GOP is no longer a conservative party Click Here for Story link by PGh Expat

Who is Lying on IRS Funding?

IRS wasn’t limited by Ryan’s Omnibus it got a spending increase Click Here for Details and yet the speakers site says they slashed funding for IRS see #6 Click Here for Details

Major Jihad Coming to Germany?

 Terrorist says a Jihadi Blizkreig is coming Click Here for Details

Will Ryan Pay the Price?

ryan rush  Primary now being looked at to remove Paul Ryan Click Here for Story

GOP Just Gave It Away

  Even Pelosi says Dems got everything for next to nothing? Click Here for Details

Sheriff Joe Says NO to Gun Confiscation

AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin, File  Executive orders or not there won’t be any giving guns back Click Here for Story

No Likey

A U.S. Air Force B-52 © Andrew Winning China not happy with US B-52 crossing their newly made island Click Here for Details

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