Wednesday December 23, 2015

U of M Salary Search

Wonder what they make at U of M? Click Here for Details

New development for Ann Arbor

472 homes coming to the northside Click Here for Story

Flimsy Job Projections Used to Promote Selective Business Tax Breaks

Gov. Rick Snyder will likely sign into law legislation that gives data centers special tax breaks, on the condition that they create 400 jobs by 2022 and 1,000 by 2026. But the legislation creating the exemptions on sales and use taxes does not require any new jobs to be created in the coming year, and it is unclear how the industry’s performance at job creation will be verified or tracked. … more

New Violator in Chief?

 Watchdog group says Hillary is a prolific violator of ethics Click Here for Details

Pulling a Dean

Image source: YouTubeHoward Dean promotes Hillary Video lie on MSNBC with no proof whatsoever Click Here for story and Video

Playing the Victim

Clinton camp: Condemn Trump's 'degrading language'  Hillary plays the victim as Trump uses “vulgar” language to describe her failed campaign against Barack Obama Click Here for Details

Banned Christmas

Image result for beheading santa  Muslim country of Brunei threatens jail time for celebrating Christmas Click Here for Story

New York Under Threat

Credible threats for New York during Christmas holidays Click Here for Details

Fake Syrian Passports in Germany

Syrian man holds his family's passportsMany refugees entering Germany using phony Syrian passports Click Here for Story

Boycott Virginia?

   State will no longer recognize Concealed Carry Permits from 25 other states Click Here for Details

Proof Gun Control Doesn’t Work

Scott Olson/AFP/Getty ImagesChicago has 2,887 deaths from shootings with the strongest anti-gun laws in the nation Click Here for Details

Conflicting Actions

US military providing intel assistance to Assad despite Obama Admin wanting to get rid of Assad Regime? Click Here for Story

Even UK Declares Muslim Brotherhood A Terror Group

Image: UK Declares Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Group, Breaks with Obama Why won’t the Obama Administration Click Here for Details



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