Wednesday January 27, 2016

Breaking News: Trump Says No to Fox

Won’t do Fox News debate. Will ratings plunge? Click Here for Details

Price Gouging?

While gas prices fall everywhere else Fowlerville prices are going up Click Here for Story

Whistleblowers Allege Police Pension Spiking Scheme

According to two retired city of Ann Arbor employees, some police officers nearing retirement engaged in a pension spiking scheme that involves writing more traffic tickets than usual. The scheme could add hundreds of thousands of dollars in lifetime pension benefits for these individuals, and millions in additional taxpayer burdens. … more

Bills Impose Accountability on Powerful Historic Districts

For nearly a half century, small numbers of architectural preservation activists have used a device called study commissions to get portions of Michigan communities designated as historic districts. These commissions tend to be dominated by the activists and often make decisions that infringe the private property rights of many of people. But the rules of the game may soon change. … more

China /Soros War?

 China warns billionaire George Soros against declaring war on Chinese currency Click Here for Details

Big Endorsement?

Jerry Falwell Jr endorses Donald Trump Click Here for Story

CNN Plants Questions?

Was a townhall event hosted by CNN filled with planted questions from audience? Click Here for Details and Video


HIllary asked about her dishonesty Click Here for Story and Video

Italian Invasion

Turkey Italy dreads influx of 400,000 refugees Click Here for Details

US Invasion

 Thousands of Cubans crossing US border from Mexico Click Here for Story and Video

Missouri Professor Charged with Assault

Image result for melissa click meme  Calling for muscle to remove a reporter gets Professor charged Click Here for Details and Video

Thanks Obama

Per household debt now up over $70,000 from government debt Click Here for Story

Sanders’ Rich Buddy

Image result for bernie sanders george soros Bernie has ties to billionaire George Soros ?Click Here for Details

Good Money After Bad

Another $58 million for failed green car program Click Here for Story

Your Money…Their Waste

AP  Feds spend $80,000 on how spaceflight affects Herpes? Click Here for Details

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