Tuesday February 2, 2016

Iowa Caucus Updates

Get the latest as turnout should be huge Click Here for Story

See Where Lead is Affecting Flint

Map and info to see where in Flint water is bad Click Here for Details

Big Turnout, Crossover Voters May Spice Up Michigan’s Presidential Primary

Donald Trump’s popularity in Michigan will be judged on March 8 when the presidential Republican Party primary is held. … more

Stage Set For West Virginia to Become Next Right-to-Work State

West Virginia looks increasingly likely to become the 26th right-to-work state. Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin also enacted right-to-work laws in the last four years. … more

DHS Endangers US

  Homeland Security were allowing unscreened diplomats in during Ebola crisis Click Here for Details

Is Obama Behind the Facebook Gun Ban?

No comment but it sure looks like it Click Here for Details and Video

Another Bad Guy Dead

Another IS Leader Meets 'Mystery Sniper'  Mystery Sniper kills another high profile ISIS leader Click Here for Story

Koch Brothers to Back Establishment GOP

Status quo is what corporate cronies want Click Here for Details

Smoking Gun?

Clinton withheld emails contained sensitive intel Click Here for Story and Video

Spendaholics in Control

 Federal debt passes $19 Trillion Click Here for Details

Obama is Killing Economic Freedom

 US drops from # 6 to # 11 on freedom index Click Here for Story

Time to Leave the UN

UN committee urges US to pay for slave reparations Click Here for Details

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