Friday February 5, 2016

Fire Victims Were Illegal Immigrants

Being housed by their employer ? Click Here for Details

Cruz Campaign’s Carson Related Voicemails

IS there more to Iowa’s Carsongate? Click Here for Story and Audio

Right-to-Work States Enjoying Faster Job Growth

Right-to-work states have seen faster job growth than forced unionization states for years. … more

School District Thwarts Transparency With Unnecessary Costs

The Freedom of Information Act played a big role in exposing the government mistakes in the Flint water crisis. And sometimes, government drags its feet providing that public information. … more

We Have No Immigration Laws

Border agent says we might as well not have laws because we don’t follow them on immigration Click Here for Details and Video

D’Souza vs Ayers

Dinesh's Devastating Response to Ayers Conservative vs Uber Liberal in Ann Arbor Click Here for Story and Video

Big Pharma Douchebag

Pharma Exec Shkreli blasts lawmakers after pleading the Fifth Click Here for Details

Obama Ignore Mosque’s Terror Ties

There are now 3,186 mosques in America and nearly 80 percent of them have been opened since the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Historic attendance at Mosque with big ties to terrorism Click Here for Story

Audit Iowa Results

caucus_vote_AP.jpgDemocrats results now under scrutiny Click Here for Details

Under Attack

MS-13 gang is colonizing new criminal territory in US Click Here for Details

Pushing TPP

 American job loss being pushed by Obama and some in Dem and GOP Click Here for Story

Media in the Bag for Rubio?

Fox Debate Mods and RubioMegyn Kelly conveniently forgot to ask Rubio these questions Click Here for Details

Fed Failure

TSA  TSA can’t verify employee records and missing badges and IDs Click Here for Story


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