Saturday February 27, 2016

Happy Birthday Margaret!

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Huge Endorsement

Image result for trump christie   Chris Christie endorses Donald Trump Click Here for Details and Video

High Speed Rail Between Detroit and Grand Rapids?

Can it be done without subsidies? Click Here for Story

Charter School Group Demands Apology from Detroit Free Press Columnist

The state charter school association is calling for an apology from a Detroit Free Press columnist. … more

Schools Seek New Property Tax Powers

The pressure to let schools tax more comes from local officials who (always) plead poverty, despite steady growth in revenues in recent years. … more

Delegate Race

When do primaries really start to count? Click Here for Story

Trump Wins Blaze Debate Poll…Again

Must be hurting Glenn Beck? Click Here for Details

Obama’s Joke of a Plan

Closing Guantanamo is a bad joke on the people of the US Click Here for Story link Pgh Expat

Tech Giants Stick Together

Rally behind Apple on phone conflict Click Here for Story

The Fall of Europe?

 Anarchy apocalypse in Europe? Click Here for Details

Carson Attacked by IRS Too?

After knocking Obamacare Ben Carson was audited Click Here for Story


© Michaela Rehle 130,000 euro refugees have disappeared Click Here for Details

Two Faced Apple?

China iPhone salesFights the US on orders but abides by Chinese orders Click Here for Details

China Hegemony

China moves to control ocean routes important to the US Click Here for Story

NATO Incapable of Defending Europe

They no longer have capability to fight against Russia? Click Here for Details

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