Tuesday March 8, 2016

Tuesday Primary States

Whats at stake? Click Here for Details

Dems Argue Auto-Bailout

Sanders and Clinton disagree Click Here for Details

Why Can’t Detroit Go to all Charter Schools Like New Orleans?

  After Hurricane Katrina, the struggling New Orleans public schools were turned into charter schools and improved academically. Should Detroit follow that solution? … more

Public Records and the Office of the Governor

Here’s a look at how other states treat the governor’s office in relation to the Freedom of Information Act. … more

The US Military’s Real Threat

635779408378517826-itf  Social justice may be the worst enemy that our military faces Click Here for Details link by Pgh Expat

How Many Immigrants in US

61 million and how many illegal? Click Here for Story and Video

Hillary Hypocrisy

Image result for hillary  Calls for Snyder resignation but not the head of the EPA Click Here for Details and Video

Special Interests Spending Big Money to Stop Trump

Establishment and lobbyists trying to protect their status quo Click  Here for Story

Blue Collar Support

Image result for blue collar workers  Trump getting blue collar workers to switch parties Click Here for Details

Area 6?

IS this more secret than Area 51? Click Here for Story

Kasich Supports Common Core?

Michelle Malkin AP Steven Lane and John Kasich CPAC Steven Loeb GettyGets booed at CPAC Click Here for Story

Virginia Goes Constitutional Carry

APOverrides Governor to allow conceal carry without permit Click Here for Details

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