Thursday March 10, 2016

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Washtenaw GOP Reaction to Trump Win

Not all are happy Click Here for Details

Charter Schools Critics: Accountability For Thee But Not For Me

  The state hasn’t shut down a conventional school due to academic reasons while nearly 100 charter schools have been closed by their authorizers. … more

Michigan Corporate Welfare’s Secret Giveaway: $1 Billion in 2016

  State economic development officials keep secret the names of the companies collecting $1.03 billion in refundable business tax credits. … more

What Did That Cost?

Fiorina endorses Cruz Click Here for Details and Video

Kasich Not Conservative?

Ohio Tea Party doesn’t think so Click Here for Details

What Happened in Oregon Shooting

Image source: OregonionNew video from confrontation with Orgeon protestor who was killed Click Here for Details

FBI Is Obama’s Thorn?

Hillary investigation, Apple and BLM issues cause big problems for Obama Admin Click Here for Story

Hungary Has Had Enough

Fears rising after the closing of Balkan routes  Troops move in to handle refugee crisis Click Here for Details

More PC Non-Sense Forced on Military

Indoctrination of “White Privilege” on troops Click Here for Story

This is Worrisome

Citizenship issue could be picked up by Democrats if not straightened out Click Here for Details


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