Wednesday December 26, 2012

Rogers Makes Impact

Congressman Rogers helpful on Intelligence Committee Click Here for Details

Looking Cliffy

Legislators expect to go over the cliff Click Here for Story

Legislators Puling Wool Over Our Eyes

Many policiticians paly games with the laws just to get re-elected? Click Here for Story

The Government as Santa

More and more of us want and get instead of giving? Click Here for Details

Journalists Rush to Judgement

Lots of bias in gun debate reporting Click Here for Story


Tuesday December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Keeping the Belief Alive

Ann Arbor area residents help keep the spirit of Santa alive Click Here for Story

Staying Happy

Persistence is one of the keys Click Here for Details

Here’s Your List of Tax Hikes

Top 2% take biggest hit but Obama tax increases hit us all Click Here for Details

UN Arms Treaty Back on The Table?

Will it affect US domestic arms sales? Click Here for Story

Facts You Thought You Knew

New data shows old facts to be myths Click Here for Details

The First Daughters Have Armed Guards at Their School

Are they anymore important than other US school children? Click Here for Story

Deport a Biased Foreign Journalist?

Almost 50,000 sign petition to deport Piers MOrgan for attacking our 2nd Amendment Click Here for Details





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