Saturday April 2, 2016

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Prison Guard Union Provides Lurid Claims for U-M Anti-Privatization Report

A union was allowed to hand select which members participated in a University of Michigan report critical of privatization. … more

GOP Admitting Convention Candidate Replacement?

Karl Rove admits a fresh face may be better for the GOP Click Here for Details

Clinton Losing It

Getting angry about being called out on her ties to big business Click Here for Story and Video

Sanders Thinks He Can Take New York

With record money coming in can Bernie beat Hillary in NY? Click Here for Details

Today’s College Students Are Cowards?

Safe spaces required to protect them from free speech? Click Here for Details

Cruz Avoiding Hannity?

Hannity says he can’t get Cruz to agree to come on Click Here for Story

White House Far too PC

Censors French President who used term “Islamist Terrorism” Click Here for Details and Video

Migrants Rape School Girl

migSchool cruise ends in tragedy as migrants rapes school child Click Here for Story

The Obama Economy

Jobs gains in service job losses in Manufacturing Click Here for Details

Russia Doubling Nuclear Warheads

Unlike Obama’s cowardly policies of unilateral disarmament Russia increases military capability Click Here for Story

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