Tuesday April 12, 2016

Delegate Tracker

Ahead of New York primary where do candidates stand Click Here for Details

Snyder: Staff Lied About Flint Water

Michigan Governor says staff was not being truthful about what led to Flint Water Crisis Click Here for Details

Michigan Motorcycle Deaths Decline Since Helmet Mandate Repeal

  Statistics compiled by the Michigan State Police don’t support a claim of a large increase in motorcycle-related injuries or deaths since the helmet law was repealed. … more

Reasons to be Optimistic Abound in Michigan Economy

   Michigan has more opportunities for employment for people that are seeking them. … more

Your Votes Don’t Matter

Establishment politics overrides the voice of the people in picking delegates Click Here for Details

More of the Same

Congress will miss budget deadline Click Here for Story

Pat Caddell poll shows TPP trade pact bad deal for GOP      

link by Pgh ExPat


What to Blame Radical Islam On?

How about the Koran? Click Here for Details

Voterless Colorado

People get no choice in for primary in Colorado Click Here for Story

The Ryan Conspiracy

 Ryan is running a national campaign? Click Here for Details

No Balance

 How many Muslims & Christians being allowed in from Syria? Click Here for Story


Even MSNBC sees rigged elections on both sides Click Here for Story and Video

Iran Gets New Missile System

© Valeriy MelnikovRussia delivers new system to Iran as result of Obama Iran Deal Click Here for Details

Racist Obama

Is the Obama Admin sticking it to White People? Click Here for Storylink by Pgh ExPat

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