Saturday April 16, 2016

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ISIS Threatens American Muslims

Threats hitting home for some Click Here for Details

Your Money…Their Really Bad Decision

Dept of Defense spent how much on goat mating? Click Here for Story and Video

End the 21st Century Jobs Fund

It’s hard to describe the 21st Century Jobs Fund as anything other than a complete failure. … more


Hillary’s artful dodging of question at debate Click Here for Story and Video

Local Ballot Initiatives Target Police, Prosecutors Confiscating Property

  Civil liberty activists are working on passing local ballot initiatives that would limit enforcement agencies ability to take property from a person who has not been convicted of a crime. … more

Obamacare Unsustainable

We told you so…..Click Here for Story and Video

ISIS in Mexico

isis parade ramadi 3 Mexican government confirms ISIS has camp 8 miles from US border Click Here for Details

The Climate Scam

More government is not the answer to a problem that does not exist Click Here for Story

Another Big Quake for Japan

People wrapped in blankets sit on the road as they are evacuated from a hotel after an earthquake in Kumamoto, southern Japan. File photo: April 14, 2016. © Kyodo   7.1 on the Richter Click Here for Details

Up or Down?

Fox poll shows Trump increasing lead but is it true? Click Here for Details

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