Sunday April 17, 2016

Saudi Black Mail

 Saudi Arabia threatens asset dump if US releases 9/11 info that involves them Click Here for Details

Taking Care of Those Who Protect Us

Wheels and Wags Event Click Here for Story

SCOTUS Will Split on Immigration

How can Constitutional Experts allow Obama’s Exec Actions on Immigration to stand? Click Here for Details

Bad Economic News

 Experts say it signals recession or something worse? Click Here for Details

Crooked Hillary

Trump’s new nickname for Hillary Clinton Click Here for Story

FBI Employees Worried About Their Reputation?

April 5, 2016: FBI Director James Comey addresses the media after visiting with employees and other law enforcement officials in Detroit. (AP Photo)Comparing ABSCAM to Hillary’s investigation Click Here for Details

Pacific Rim on Fire

Ecuador Earthquake  Ecuador joins Japan on the receiving line of huge earthquakes Click Here for Story

Another Buzz By

Russia threatens US Aircraft Carrier Click Here for Details

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