Thursday April 21, 2016

Washtenaw Candidates

See who is running for offices Click Here for Story

Bankrupt Detroit Still Refuses Property Sales to Charter Schools

   Just four days after its bankruptcy deal was accepted, the mayor of Detroit approved a deal that stopped the city from selling closed Detroit Public School buildings to charter schools if they were within a mile of an existing school. … more

Ann Arbor Crackdown Illustrates Need for Statewide Ridesharing Framework

   Uber and Lyft operate in a legal gray area, and unclear regulations have caused headaches for passengers and drivers in some cities. … more

WSJ Bias

Editor confronted on being anti-Trump Click Here for Details and Video

Hannity Holds Cruz to Task

FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/Getty Images Tough questions on delegate stealing? Click Here for Story and Video

Obama Water Rule Threats

 Warns GOP about holding up his exec action Click Here for Details

Immigrants Have Their Own PAC

George Soros / AP  And it is funded by George Soros Click Here for Story

Saudis Hurting

Investment arm of the Arab National Bank Borrow $10 Billion as they drain their reserves Click Here for Details

Out of Touch

Raphael Cruz says Trump is worse than Hillary Click Here for Story and Audio

Oh No; no LGBT National Park?

 Dept of Interior laments lack of honoring for the LGBT community? Click Here for Details

Chinese ICBM Threat

© Anton DenisovNew missile could reach US mainland in 30 minutes Click Here for Story


Russia warns US and NATO over ships near its border? Click Here for Details

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