Saturday April 23, 2016

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Obama Economy

Sears and K Mart closing more stores Click Here for Details and Video

Czar-Like Detroit Education Commission Part of Establishment’s ‘War on Charters?’

   At the heart of the current debate over the future of public schooling in Detroit is a proposed entity called the Detroit Education Commission, various forms of which appear in different proposals.  … more

Cultural Identity Theft?

Hmmm well there’s that…Click Here for Details link by Pgh Expat

The Many Benefits of Ridesharing

   Uber has found that when ridesharing companies can freely operate in a city, drunk driving arrests drop by over 10 percent. … more

Trump Looks to Unify GOP?

Welcomes most of fellow GOP candidates to be involved in a cabinet? Click Here for Story and Video

More Bad News About Obamacare

FILE - In this Nov. 5, 2013, file photo, Medicare chief Marilyn Tavenner testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington, before the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee. The Obama administration has concluded it will not publicly disclose federal records that could shed light on the security of the government's signature health care website because doing so could "potentially" allow hackers to break in. Last year, the AP found that Tavenner took the unusual step of signing the operational security certificate for herself _ even as her agency’s security professionals balked. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, File) AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, File  Former Medicare Chief has some bad predictions Click Here for Details

GOPe Changing Its Tune?

 Priebus slams the #Never Trump movement Click Here for Story

Bad News for Climate Scammers

Weather Channel founder has an interesting take Click Here for Details

ISIS Plans to Invade America

Border fence how should it be handled.jpg  Will gain entry through porous Mexican US border Click Here for Story

Like Mother Like Daughter

Chelsea Clinton gun control Chelsea Clinton telegraphs her mother’s plans for the 2nd amendment? Click Here for Details

Illegal Immigration Setting New Records

A group of immigrants from Honduras and El Salvador who crossed the U.S.-Mexico border illegally are stopped on June 25, 2014, in Granjeno, Texas. (Associated Press) **FILE** Open Borders is already here Click Here for Story

No Transparency

28 pages of Saudi linked material from 9/11 report still not released Click Here for Details

Using Facebook Badly

How Zuckerberg wants to unduly influence elections? Click Here for Details link by Pgh Expat

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