Wednesday June 8, 2016

California: Hillary or Bernie?

Primary results updated Click Here for Details

Dodgeball? Really?

Get in and get paid? Click Here for Story

House Republicans ‘No Way’ on Detroit School Choice Restrictions

   Michigan House Republicans defied fierce political opposition by refusing to create a mayoral commission that could have restricted new charter schools in the city of Detroit. … more

More Punishment from Obama

New plans would hurt those who trying to save for retirement Click Here for Story

Hillary Email Probe Gets Deeper?

FBI asks judge for additional filing? Click Here for Details

Obamacare Failing

Rep. Cory Gardner, Colorado Republican, holds up a letter he wrote to Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius asking that she consider waiving Obamacare for the 4th Congressional District of Colorado, as she testified on Capitol Hill in Washington Oct. 30, 2013. (Associated Press) **FILE** 100,000 people to lose coverage in Colorado Click Here for Story

The Ties That Unfairly Bind

Judge AND Plaintiff’s lawyers both now tied to LaRaza? Click Here for Details

The Hypocrisy of Trump U Case

Trump bashed for talking ethnicity and yet Supreme Court Justice Sotomayer said this…? Click Here for Story

Secret Military Tests

  GPS outages expected each day in California area Click Here for Details

NOT Transparent

White House elusive on comments about Iran deal Click Here for Story

Ryan Pushing Dem Election Agenda

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI), speaks during a visit with residents at the Graceview Apartments, June 7, 2016 in Washington, DC. Speaker wants to paint Trump as Racist Click Here for Details

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