Friday June 10, 2016

Clinton Corruption

Hillary Rodham Clinton 11 Facts the Clintons don’t want you to pay attention to Click Here for Details

Unlawful Search?

636009120393206160-breathalyzer.jpg  Student sues police in Federal court for taking a breathalyzer without warrant? Click Here for Story

Cut Corporate Welfare to Help Balance State Budget

  The most profitable and efficient way to balance the budget is to eliminate the state’s corporate welfare programs and supporting bureaucracy. … more

Obama Endorses Criminal for President?

  Obama endorses Hillary as spokespeople talk of criminal investigation in Hillary probe Click Here for Details

This What Hillary Will Bring

Credit: Getty Images Democrat run 9th Federal Court says right to carry is not a 2nd amendment right Click Here for Story

Proxy President

Obama’s endorsement of Clinton means 4 more years of disaster Click Here for Details

The Mexican Pipeline

Many illegals coming from Mexico are not Mexican but other nationalities Click Here for Story

Bernie Not Out…Yet

Democratic US presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and US President Barack Obama © Reuters   Promises to work with Clinton but not ceding race yet Click Here for Story

Latino Support for Trump Growing

trump very closeup latino.jpg 37% and rising Click Here for Details

White House Will Stop Hillary indictment?

Will Obama’s endorsement stop DOJ from indicting Hillary on email/server probe? Click Here for Story

Democrats Want Open Borders

Image result for pelosi and hillary  Pelosi agrees with Clinton, let anyone come in Click Here for Details and Video

But Homeland Security Chair Says Border Not in Operational Control?

  House Security Chariman Michael McCaul  says the US is NOT in Control of the border Click Here for Story and Video

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