Sunday June 12, 2016

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#Kristol Clear Idiot

Never Trumper and Hillary supporter Bill Kristol thinks a whole new party is needed Click Here for Story

Guilty as Hell?

Screengrab via New Hillary emails prove she had classified emails on her private server Click Here for Details

Yea That’s a Sterling Endorsement

 Race baiter Jesse Jackson endorses Clinton Click Here for Story

What Obama and Ryan are Bringing Here

muslims spitting More rapefugees denigrating western women Click Here for Details and Video

Americans Should Not be Silent

 American workers replaced by H1B visa foreigners beginning to speak up despite unfair rules Click Here for Story

What the?

 Clinton talks about ending gun deaths at an abortion center? Click Here for Story

Love That Texas Governor

Greg Abbott with ShotgunGreg Abbot responds to 9th Circuit Court ruling on right to carry Click Here for Details

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