Monday June 13, 2016

ISIS Gunman Kills 50 in Orlando

Gay bar targeted by Islamic Terrorist Click Here for Details

Deflector in Chief

Obama uses tragedy of Orlando shooting to push gun control again Click Here for Story

No Longer Welcome

Stripper spokesman for Libertarian kicked out of Party Click Here for Details

Narrative Trumps Facts When Reporting on Detroit Public Schools

  Novi Community School District received $350,466 from federal funds dedicated to help poorer students while Detroit Public Schools received $109.5 million. Yet, one news article portrayed DPS as neglected. … more

Bernie Shows His Incredible Stupidity

Like other Democrats he blames guns not Islamic Terror for Orlando massacre Click Here for Details and Video

Obama Should Step Down

Trump correct in hitting Obama on his inablility to say Islamic Terror Click Here for Story

FBI Dropped two Investigations Against Orlando Shooter

Mateen-600  The question is why? Click Here for Details

ISIS Has Hit List for Americans

8000 on the list? Click Here for Story

Obama Economy

  Average Family has lost income under Obama Admin Click Here for Details

Facebook Joins Liberals in Siding with Islam

Deletes anti-Muslim page after Islamic terror attack Click Here for Story

Separate Gay Attack Stopped in LA?

Heavily armed man arrested on way to gay pride event Click Here for Details

Your Money…Their Waste

US doesn’t track loans to refugees on assistance Click Here for Details







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