Thursday June 16, 2016

NRA: Delay Gun Purchases?

  Those on terror watch list should have a delay for further investigation before purchase Click Here for Details

Pure Michigan: An Economic Development Program That Doesn’t Create Any Development

   State-funded efforts to promote tourism are a net negative. Lawmakers should defund the Pure Michigan program. … more

Deeper Ties

Image result for Moner Abu-Salha  Orlando shooter had significant ties to an ISIS suicide bomber Click Here for Story  and Video

Twitter Censoring Users

Image result for milo yiannopoulos  Popular twitter personality Milo has account suspended by twitter then reversed after outrage by twitter users who want him back Click Here for Details

Trump Not a Racist

Herman Cain says those charges are outrageous Click Here for Story and Video

Incredible Comments from DHS Secretary

Jeh Johnson2 Jeh Johnson says right wingers pose same threat at Jihadists? Click Here for Details

And He’ll Push Gun Control?

DHS Secretary says your gun rights are now a matter of national security Click Here for Story and Video

US Bonds Next for Sub-Zero?

Could US bonds end up with negative interest rates? Click Here for Details and Video

US Safer than 8 Years Ago?

  White House says so Click Here for Story

Brexit Slaps the Elite

BrexitUK leaving says the people have had enough Click Here for Details

Fat Chance

  Arabic UN leader wants to take American’s guns? Click Here for Story

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