Wednesday June 22, 2016

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Some Common Sense

 Muslim professor says there is no problem with the term “Radical Islam” Click Here for Details

Strawberry Moon

Stunning photos of June’s Strawberry Moon rising Click Here for Details

Fewer School Districts Borrowing to Cover Expenses, But Pension Debt Rising

  A recent state report indicates that by the end of June, as many as 18 school districts are projected to emerge out of red ink, leaving just 22 districts in a deficit situation.  … more

OHHHH Burned!

See Trumps rebuttal to Clinton on the judgement issue Click Here for Story 

State Government Up to Its Eyeballs in Pension Debt

    State taxpayers are still liable for large amounts of state debt, for purposes both practical and problematic … more

What Does Russia Know?

Hillary Clinton, Clinton Foundation Russian hackers infiltrated DNC and Clinton Foundation Click Here for Details

The Ripoff by Apple

Big corporation caught in price fixing scheme on E-Books Click Here for Story

5 Million New Democrat Voters

Almost 5 million illegals eligible for Amnesty Click Here for Details

Kerry Out of Touch

   Says Refugees are not more likely to cause violence? Click Here for Story

Yea About Those Refugees John…

Calais More riots and vicious behavior from refugees in Europe Click Here for Details

Paul Ryan Bought and Paid For…

Apple CEO Tim Cook to host fundraiser for Speaker Paul Ryan Click Here for Story

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