Wednesday June 29, 2016

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Turkey Targeted

A weapon is seen on the floor at Ataturk airport after suicide bombers opened fire Terrorists hit airport in Istanbul at least 50 dead Click Here for Story and Video

Left Them to Die

Benghazi report states Clinton and Obama did nothing to save lives Click Here for Details and Video

Good Way to Slow Traffic

Ypsilanti buys more speed humps Click Here for Story

Union Contract Delivers Five-Year Salary Freeze for State’s Teacher of the Year

  The state of Michigan’s 2016-17 teacher of the year won’t get a salary increase for five years under her union contract. … more

A $4.6 Billion Transit Millage Is a Tax Too Far for Detroit

 In Detroit, high tax rates combine with a deeply broken property tax assessment system to destroy neighborhoods and lives. … more

Secret Service Dished Hillary Dirt

New book reveals the true Hillary Clinton?  Click Here for Story

Dems Block Actions on Zika

Senate Dems still doing nothing to help Click Here for Details

End of Free Speech and Thought?

global warming protest  Democratic Party platform includes prosecuting Climate change deniers Click Here for Story

Obama Admin Protecting Terrorist in US

Barack Obama  Refuses to testify before Congress about Islamic extremists in the US Click Here for Story

The Khan of London

Muslim Mayor demanding more power after Brexit vote Click Here for Details and Video

Feds Spreading TB

tuberculosisSending infected immigrants with TB across the nation Click Here for Story

As Benghazi Unfolded Guess What Obama Admin was Doing?

Focusing on You Tube video and Pastor Jones Click Here for Details

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