Thursday June 30, 2016

Hiding Benghazi Witness

 Dept of Defense reveals witness in Benghazi incident after report is done? Click Here for Story

Charter School Gets Temporary Home

LCA Livingston Charter Academy will house at Whitmore Lake until permanent home is built Click Here for Story

What Are They Cooking Up?

Image source: KNXV-TVAG Lynch met with Bill Clinton hours before release of Benghazi report Click Here for Details

New World Order Wants Hillary

But will Former President George Bush go for Hillary over Trump? Click Here for Story

This is How It’s Done

Muslims in Japan pray for the release of two Japanese citizens being held captive by Islamic State militants, during Friday prayers at a mosque in Tokyo January 23, 2015 (Picture: [copyright]) Japan takes no chances with Muslims within its borders Click Here for Details

Huma Talks?

AP Photo  States Hillary didn’t want her emails to be seen by anybody Click Here for Story

Everything That is Wrong with Secret Government

Obama’s FEC votes to punish Fox News Click Here for Story and Video

Euro Invasion Continues?

300,000 African refugees headed for Europe Click Here for Details

Farage Lets EU Parliament Have It

 Truth hurts and successful Brexit supporter Nigel Farage delivers it painfully Click Here for Story



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