Wednesday July 6, 2016

Precedence of Corruption?

   FBI Director Comey says FBI will not recommend charges against Hillary despite sending and receiving emails on private server Click Here for Story and Video

No Indictment for Hillary But…

  FBI shows 5 lies from Hillary Clinton Click Here for Details

Brighton’s Independence Parade

Photos of celebration Click Here for Details

Pay for New Ann Arbor Teachers Up 24-44 Percent in Four Years

  One Ann Arbor Public Schools teacher has said the younger educators are going without raises. But the actual salaries over the past four years don’t back that up. … more

Detroit Soccer Team Turns to Private Investment to Fund New Stadium

  When Detroit’s semi-pro soccer team needed a bigger stadium to accommodate its growing fan base, it did something unusual. … more

FBI Re-Wrote Law to Clear Hillary?

Not recommending charges leaves FBI protecting a felon Click Here for Details

Four More Years of Obama

Obama spends your dollars to help campaign for Clinton Click Here for Story

How Others are Treated for Mishandling Government Info

FBI gives special treatment to Clinton Click Here for Details

FBI Can’t Tell if Servers Were Hacked?

Director Comey only says “It’s possible” Click Here for Story

Hillary Perjured Herself

SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images Lied to Congress about sending and receiving classified emails Click Here for Details

Congressional Stupidity

Infrastructure Power Grid Renewable Energy  More money spent on green energy than protecting our electrical grid Click Here for Story

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