Thursday July 21, 2016


    Chris Christie”prosecutes” Hillary at GOP convention to a rousing crowd Click Here for Details

No Good Guys in Syria

Image source: Twitter via the Daily BeastUS Backed rebels behead young boy Click Here for Details

Amber Alert

Northfield girl is missing Click Here for Details

Shivering in the Dark? Sierra Club Opposes 91 Percent of Michigan Electricity

The Sierra Club environmental organization opposes the three sources of energy responsible for 91 percent of the electricity generated in Michigan. … more

Obamacare Failing

Insurers feel the end is coming Click Here for Story

Six Numbers Showing Detroit’s Pension Problems

Retiree liabilities were a root cause of Detroit’s bankruptcy before a grand bargain trimmed benefits and required the city to set its pensions on a path toward solvency. … more

France Hid Torture of Hostages at Paris Attack

Authorities did not disclose torture by killers in Paris Click Here for Story link by Pgh Expat

Hillary Spending Big Money on Campaign Ads

But still dropping in the polls Click Here for Details

Terror Attack in France Thwarted

taxi-parisienMuslim cab driver had dynamite and ISIS Flag Click Here for Story


 Carson ties Hillary to the Devil Click Here for Story and Video

1st of Many?

Silicon Valley’s Peter Thiel’s endorsement of Trump could herald a shift? Click Here for Details

Who is Financing the Clintons?

Bill ClintonBill Clinton’s speaking fees are coming from a mystery source Click Here for Story

Racist Who Made Twitter Dance to Her Tune

leslie-jones-screaming2nd rate, racist actress gets gay conservative Milo banned from Twitter Click Here for Details

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