Wednesday August 24, 2016

Coordinated Conflict of Interest

Image result for hillary and huma   Latest Clinton emails show Clinton Foundation and Secretary of State Office were coordinating Click Here for Story

US -23 Construction Project

Lee Rd bridge is just the start of US-23 renovations Click Here for Details

The Most Important State Election This November: Michigan’s Next House Leader

  In early August, primary voters in Michigan’s 110 state House districts decided which Republicans and Democrats would face off against each other for state representative races in November. … more

True Racism or Gang Violence?

Image source: WOIO-TV 5 African Americans AND 2 Whites beat white victims while chanting Black Lives Matter Click Here for Details

Key Part of Civil Asset Forfeiture Law Ruled Unconstitutional

  It is a basic principle of American law that the government may not deprive citizens of their property without due process. … more

The Cover Up Increases

The FBI found that a week before Vince Foster's suicide, Hillary held a meeting at the White House with Foster and other top aides during which she berated the lawyer Vince Foster files disappear from FBI? Click Here for Story

Follow the Money?

Soros_KochKoch Bros and Soros colluding to empty Federal prisons? Click Here for Story

Hiding Behind Her Womanhood?

 CNN Analyst says its sexist to question Hillary about her health? Click Here for Details

ISIS Attack in Virginia?

PHOTO: Wasil Rafat Farooqui is pictured in an undated booking photo.FBI investigating possible ISIS inspired attack on couple Click Here for Story


Failing Obamacare leaving no options for coverage Click Here for Details

State Dept Is OK with Pay for Play?

Says nothing wrong with Clinton Foundation donors getting special privilege from State Dept? Click Here for Story and Video

Closet Trump Supporters?

The Bradley effect may be affecting polls for 2016 Presidential race Click Here for Details

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