Sunday October 2, 2016

Dirty DC? Dirty FBI?

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks during a campaign stop, Wednesday, April 20, 2016, in Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)FBI Director James Comey’s brother is an auditor of the Clinton Foundation? Click Here for Story

Media Can’t Hide Hillary’s Role in Bill’s Abuse

Donald Trump is forcing media organizations to recall former President Bill Clinton's sex scandal-ridden past, but many reporters are omitting a key detail about the scandals: Hillary Clinton's role in defending her husband and attacking his accusers. (AP Photo)Media is trying to protect Hillary but the internet shows all? Click Here for Details

And This is Why…

Man yells Bill Clinton is a rapist on live TV Click Here for Story and Video

Clinton Pay for Play …Again?

Alicia Machado just got her citizenship on September 26? Click Here for Details

Pugsley Correctional Facility to Close

  The Department of Corrections attributes the prisoner population decline to decreases in felony court sentences and, therefore, fewer prison admissions.  … more

October Surprise?

 Which campaign will get an October surprise for this election? Click Here for Story

Democrats Pushing Voter Fraud

Harrisonburg Votes After Colorado sees registered dead voters now Virginia has dead people registering Click Here for Story

Terror Attack on Cop

car crashed.JPGFresno cop attacked by jihadi? Click Here for Story

NLRB Bad Faith

Court orders punitive payment by the National Labor Relations Board Click Here for Details

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