Thursday October 6, 2016

More Corruption from White House and DOJ

DOJ drops charges against arms dealer who threatens to expose Clinton dealings in Libya Click Here for Story and Video

Another Security Leak?

Presidential press secretary Josh Earnest said he is "sharply" limited in what he can discuss about the case. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky, File) Obama and DOJ say they’ll take this leak seriously? What about Hillary? Click Here for Story

Watch Clinton Cash Movie

Clinton Cash Movie Premiere Watch and pass this link on. People need to see Clinton Cash before the Election Click Here for Movie

Another UP Big Foot Sighting

This time an Eagle Cam catches unique visitor Click Here for Details

Saginaw County Sheriff Denies Driving Seized Muscle Car, Won’t Explain 54k New Miles

  The Saginaw County Sheriff’s Department has yet to explain how documents show 54,000 miles were added to a car it had seized. … more

Norton Shores Resident Fears Pension Underfunding Will Cause Tax Increases, Job Losses

  A Michigan city’s pension problem has caught the attention of one of its residents. … more

Kaine Looked Desperate

Even MSNBC says Kaine was a big loser in VP Debate Click Here for Story and Video

As Hillary-Kaine Call for More Muslim Immigration ISIS Calls for This…

Asks for random knife attacks worldwide by Muslims Click Here for Details

The End of Free Speech in Europe?

The ECRI suggested the British press should not report when terrorists are Muslims EU tells press not to identify terrorists if they are Muslims Click Here for Story


New York Times is showing its bias by attacking all enemies of Clinton Click Here for Details

Iranian Threats

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei iran Threaten to mobilize 9 million to fight the US? Click Here for Story

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