Friday October 28, 2016

Clinton Pay for Play

Evidence mounts in Clinton schemes to get rich from public service Click Here for Story

Like Those Obamacare Price Hikes

Hillary likes it so much she wants to own it

State Health Policy Toolkit

   Michigan and other states are actively competing to become medical tourism destinations.  … more

Clinton Collapse in Michigan

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton poses for photos with supporters at a rally in Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park in Tampa, Florida, October 26, 2016.What lead Hillary had is evaporating in Michigan Click Here for Details

Chaffetz Back on Board…Again

The Trump Train is again running with Congressman Jason Chaffetz supporting Trump Click Here for Details

26 Bombshells from Leaked Emails

The dirt gets heavy thanks to these emails from the Clinton campaign Click Here for Story

Even Lib Media Has Had Enough of Clinton Foundation?

Lib Chuck Todd says Foundation needs to be shut down Click Here for Story

Brutality of Islamic Terrorism Knows No Bounds

250 children killed in horrific ways Click Here for Details and Video

British Economy Growing

Fear of Brexit is NOT hurting the economy Click Here for Story

Jewish Voters Are Supporting Trump

Normally solid Dem voters are changing their tune Click Here for Details

Stay Out

13 US States say NO to Foreign election monitors Click Here for Story

Want to Stop Outrageous Obamacare Price Hikes?

Donald Trump "balls" at rally (Joel Pollak / Breitbart News)Vote Trump Click Here for Details


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